We are driven to excellence by these three key values:


Timeless, beautiful, exquisitely crafted products that are always on the leading edge.


Constantly improving functionality to break past boundaries in ways not yet imagined.


Elevating design and performance to new heights of form and function, leaving compromise in the rear view.


First introduced in the Australian and New Zealand market in 2006, Whispbar, the world’s finest rack system, designed for car enthusiasts unwilling to compromise their pursuit of design and performance was purchased in 2010 by Yakima Products, Inc.

Yakima purchased Whispbar from Hubco, a New Zealand company that was founded in 1975 by a former Air New Zealand and Rolls Royce aircraft engineer. Hubco began as a sports equipment manufacturer and then moved to roof racks in 1980 with the first cargo management system developed for the Mitsubishi Colt.

After thirty-plus years in the industry, the company had grown from a small family business to a ‘state of the art’ manufacturer supplying original equipment manufacturers and retail markets in Australasia, the United States and Europe.

From the first collaboration to the latest breakthrough product designs, the dedication to quality has never wavered. Our focus is on innovation and being first to market with new technology that sets the standard for automotive carrying systems.

Our aviation heritage remains important and shows both in the aerodynamic styling of our latest product ranges and the wing shape of Whispbar.

Since 1994, our Research and Development team has spent thousands of hours creating products that reduce aerodynamic noise and drag. We have partnered with the University of Canterbury and Industrial Research Ltd on four major studies into the aerodynamic mechanisms that produce wind noise and the development of technology to reduce them.

In 2014 Whispbar introduced to the trade a line of cutting edge accessories that not only redefine the mount accessories, but integrate with Whispbar for a seamless, integrated aesthetic and installation.